A análise nietzscheana da cultura moderna: crítica aos valores morais e à educação erudita

  • Thalles Azevedo de Araújo
Keywords: Culture. Moral. Education. Art. Freedom.


The objective of this paper is to present the position of Nietzsche about moral values and erudite education as elements of decadence in modern culture. We will review the elements of criticism with regard to the morality of resentment and erudite education typical of the German educational system of the nineteenth century. Will indicate the scope of artistic and creative sense in building a genuine culture. It is, in Nietzsche’s conception, of a culture based on the cultivation of generating forces of life and our individuality that is characterized by the desire for power and artistic creativity.

Author Biography

Thalles Azevedo de Araújo
Doutorando em Filosofia na Universidade de Coimbra (Portugal).