The political implications of the Husserlian distinction between "land" and "world" in Hannah Arendt's thought

  • Fábio Abreu dos Passos
Keywords: Earth. World. Arendt. Husserl.


Our research has as main objective to clarify, in its constituent elements, the concept of world of Hannah Arendt. To reflect concerning the concept of the world of Arendt, it will be necessary to approach the phenomenological analyses of Husserl, master which Arendt kept contact with throughout his life, demonstrating how much the philosophical formation of this thinker will follow her through her politics reflections, basically in what it refers to the promotion of her concept of world.

Author Biography

Fábio Abreu dos Passos
Doutorando pelo Programa de Pós-graduação em Filosofia da UFMG.