Between creative impetus and political action: how to think about education based on Hannah Arendt and Nietzsche?


  • Bárbara Romeika Rodrigues Marques


Education. Creation. Action. Arendt. Nietzsche.


Hannah Arendt and Nietzsche offer a Picture of the present: she draws the attention to the non-political condition which live the human beings - when the overlap of the relations of production and consumption to the forefront, he identifies in uncultured modern the crystallization of creative impetus - so important to the human species. Both address the crisis in the culture and with it the setting of Education in dark times. It is with Hannah Arendt and Nietzsche that we notice the risk that undergoes the modern world to reign in his heart the man as a breeder of an empty and technical knowledge, in which they lost in the long run, the ability to act as of belonging to the world. This text welcomes the thoughtful efforts of the two thinkers and proposes a direction which shows the necessity of thinking about education as essential in the formation of a new man.

Author Biography

Bárbara Romeika Rodrigues Marques

Programa de Pós-graduação em Filosofia da UFRN