Genius and nature in judgment criticism


  • Danilo Citro


Genius. Nature. Art.


We propose a relationship between the notion of genius from the Critic of Power of Judgment and the introductions of the same work that says about the faculties system of knowledge and spirit. We know about the insuperable gulf between the theoretic domain and the practical domain of philosophy. The Konigsberg’s philosopher devises a building between the two hills, but only about a subjective and critic system. The judgment faculty appears like an a priori law maker, but it’s different from the determinate laws from understanding. The judgment is only reflective, because it finds the law of contingents, about the empiric particular laws. In the analytic of beauty, the law of contingent is founded by the arid concept of form of finality that makes a beautiful object into an example, and not a general law. The form of finality is seeing in the Nature only from the technical (artistic) point of view. The genius is endowed with a productive faculty whose works is called beautiful art that Kant compares with the Nature. The beautiful art looks like a nature object. So, we sustain that the analogy is only possible if we think about Nature considered in the technical point of view whose laws are found in the contingent and in the example.

Author Biography

Danilo Citro

Programa de Pós-graduação em Estética e Filosofia da Arte da UFOP.