Do ser se segue Deus? Considerações sobre a filosofia sistemático-estrutural de Lorenz B. Puntel

  • Ricardo Lavalhos Dal Forno
Keywords: Being. God. Metaphysics. Lorenz Puntel. Walter Benjamin. Markus Gabriel.


It will be basically presented the sistematic-structural philosophy of Puntel, showing how in it God is derived from the notion of being, to posteriorly defend the idea that the being and God must not be confused. Markus Gabriel’s thesis will be used which shows the impossibility of the domain of all the domains exist and the comprehension of the fundamental ambiguity of the being in the philosophy of Walter Benjamin. According to Gabriel, the philosophy of the entire generate an ontological doubling: the totality reproduces in the interior of itself, never having the determination of the last domain. Yet Benjamin proposes that there is no absolute sense of being, but multiple ways of comprehend and combine your senses. The decision to remain in fugacity of being leads to the following definition of metaphysical: a general discourse which objective is not a determined sense of reality, but an origin of the own plurality of the senses – the being. The being, then, must be understood as a name for a facticity that, because we are finite, we can not overcome and deplete theoretically. The being, therefore, must not be confused with God. He is not the transcendent guarantor, but the concept that is imposed in every way when we want to think the world and the loved ones.