Fazer filosofia no Brasil: civil, prática, transformadora, nossa

Keywords: Doing Brazilian philosophy. Porchatian neo-Pyrrhonism. Mangabeirian Hegelian-pragmatism. Practical-poietic philosophical point of view.


Taking as a starting point the question of doing philosophy in Brazil, the paper develops a contribution to the progression of a national debate about the topic. It passes from the question of doing philosophy to that of the unpopularity of the national in our academic philosophical community. Then it briefly discusses two examples of Brazilian philosophical work: 1) the neo-Pyrrhonism of Oswaldo Porchat Pereira, as an appropriation of a Greek historical philosophical tradition that could develop among us into a practical deflationism, and 2) the radical, political, Young-Hegelian pragmatism of Roberto Mangabeira Unger. Finally, the article presents an outline of a poietic-pragmatic philosophical point of view, in reconstructive dialogue with Marx’s practical-productive materialism.


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