Medicine consumption during breastfeeding and assessment of infant risk


  • Anne Fayma Lopes Chaves
  • Alanna Helenn Marques Dias
  • Ingrid Kerolly Almeida Dias
  • Juliane Kerly Silva Martins
  • Rebeca Silveira Rocha
  • Mônica Oliveira Batista Oriá



Nursing, Breast Feeding, Drug Utilization, Lactation.


Objective: to estimate medicine consumption during breastfeeding and the risk to the infant. Methods: descriptive study, carried out in a Primary Health Care Unit with 130 infants. The data collection was donethrough a form with objective questions, analyzed in Epiinfo. Results:73 (56.0%) nursing mothers had used medication during breastfeeding. The most used drugs were antianemics (n=48, 66.0%) and analgesic/antipyretic drugs (n=11, 14.4%). The majority of the drugs consumed were compatible with breastfeeding(n=71, 97.2%), except for Phenobarbital (n=1, 1.4%) and Losartan (n=1, 1.4%. Conclusion: it was evidenced that medicine consumption during breastfeeding was high among nursing mothers, but most of the drugs presented low risk, that is, they were drugs compatible with lactation.




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Chaves, A. F. L., Dias, A. H. M., Dias, I. K. A., Martins, J. K. S., Rocha, R. S., & Oriá, M. O. B. (2017). Medicine consumption during breastfeeding and assessment of infant risk. Rev Rene, 18(3), 390–395.



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