Family-centered care in a pediatric intensive care unit: professionals’ perceptions

  • Allana de Andrade Sampaio
  • Jaqueline Brosso Zonta
  • Fernanda Yeza Ferreira
  • Aline Cristiane Cavicchioli Okido
Keywords: Pediatric Nursing, Child, Family, Critical Care.


Objective: to identify the professionals’ perception regarding family-centered care. Methods:this is a crosssectional descriptive study with 60 professionals from a pediatric intensive care unit. The Brazilian Family-Centered Care Perception instrument was applied. Data were analyzed using descriptive and analytical statistics, Student’s t-test and Mann-Whitney test were used to compare variables. Results: the mean of the family-centered perception of care was 2.93 (±0.27), the median of 2.90, a maximum score of 3.50 and minimum of 2.30. Most professionals (60.0%) considered that family-centered care is sometimes practiced. The mean scoresdid not have statistically significant differences between the characterization variables of the team. Conclusion: perception of care distant from the recommendations of an extended care that aggregate the child and his family.