Experience of parents of children with congenital heart disease: feelings and obstacles


  • Thaís Sena Mombach Barreto
  • Victória Tiyoko Moraes Sakamoto
  • Jardel Scremin Magagnin
  • Débora Fernandes Coelho
  • Roberta Waterkemper
  • Simone Travi Canabarro




Heart Defects, Congenital, Child, Hospitalized, Congenital Abnormalities, Parents.


Objective: understand the meaning of the experiences of parents of children with congenital heart disease regarding feelings, obstacles and expectations. Methods: exploratory qualitative study conducted at a pediatric intensive care unit of a reference hospital. Participants corresponded to seven mothers and four fathers of children with congenital heart defect, surgically corrected and with more than 8 hours of admission, totalling 11 participants.  Data collection was performed through semi-structured individual recorded interviews. Data were described according to thematic content analysis. Results: five thematic categories emerged: (1) unpreparedness to face the problem; (2) feelings involved (3) factors that make difficult to face the problem; (4) factors that facilitate facing the problem; (5) spirituality. Conclusion: each family is unique and needs support to better face the disease and its process. It is essential to develop interdisciplinary network support, providing comprehensive care.




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Barreto, T. S. M., Sakamoto, V. T. M., Magagnin, J. S., Coelho, D. F., Waterkemper, R., & Canabarro, S. T. (2016). Experience of parents of children with congenital heart disease: feelings and obstacles. Rev Rene, 17(1), 128–136. https://doi.org/10.15253/2175-6783.2016000100017



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