Evaluation of the physical structure of Basic Health Units

  • Raimundo Nonato Silva Gomes
  • Nytale Lindsay Cardoso Portela
  • Aliny de Oliveira Pedrosa
  • Luma Ravena Soares Monte
  • Juliane Danielly Santos Cunha
  • Thiego Ramon Soares


Objective: to evaluate the infrastructure of basic health units, as the adaptation to the standards recommended by theMinistry of Health. Methods: descriptive study with a quantitative approach, carried in 18 basic health units. For datacollection, we used a checklist built based on Ministerial Decree 2,226/09. Data analysis was performed using the StatisticalPackage for Social Sciences and a scoring scale (0-10) was used for the classification of health facilities. Results: 16.6% of theanalyzed units received the average score of 3.5; 16.6% received 3.0; 5.5%, 2.5; 16.6% received grade 2.0; 11.1%, 1.5; 11.1%,1.0; and 22.2% received 0.5 and, therefore, all units had inadequate physical structure. Conclusion: the city does not offerthe public a service that addresses the ideals standards in its structure in most of the inspected units.
Research Article