Quality of life and working context of nursing professionals of the Family Health Strategy


  • Ana Luísa Nunes Marques
  • Maria Beatriz Guimarães Ferreira
  • Joyce Mara Gabriel Duarte
  • Nara dos Santos Costa
  • Vanderlei José Haas
  • Ana Lúcia de Assis Simões




Nursing, Team, Working Conditions, Quality of Life, Family Health Strategy.


Objective: to examine the relationship between working context and quality of life of nursing professionals of the FamilyHealth Strategy. Methods: observational, cross-sectional study with quantitative approach accomplished with 50 nursingprofessionals from urban and rural areas. Participants answered a questionnaire of socio-demographic and professionalcharacterization, the Work Context Assessment Scale and WHOQOL-brief. Data were submitted to exploratory and bivariateanalysis. Results: predominance of women, married, belonging to economic classes C/D and with only one employmentbond. The factor Work Organization and the Social domain had higher mean scores, while Socio-professional relations andthe Environmental domain, lower scores. Descriptively, there was a negative correlation between all the factors of the workcontext and the Physical, Psychological and Social domains. Conclusion: inadequate conditions to work practice, lack oforganization and the difficulty in social relationships negatively impact the quality of life of nursing professionals.




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Marques, A. L. N., Ferreira, M. B. G., Duarte, J. M. G., Costa, N. dos S., Haas, V. J., & Simões, A. L. de A. (2015). Quality of life and working context of nursing professionals of the Family Health Strategy. Rev Rene, 16(5), 672–681. https://doi.org/10.15253/2175-6783.2015000500008



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