Perception of the nursing staff about the nurse’s role in the emergency service


  • Mayckel da Silva Barreto
  • Elen Ferraz Teston
  • Jamilly Grava Miranda
  • Guilherme de Oliveira Arruda
  • Sonia Silva Marcon
  • Elizabeth Amancio de Souza da Silva Valsecchi



Nursing, Team, Professional Role, Emergency Medical Services, Emergency Service, Hospital, Emergency Nursing.


Objective: to know the perception of the nursing staff about the nurse's role in emergency service. Methods: descriptive study of a qualitative approach. 30 nursing professionals participated and were active in a unit of Emergency. The data were subjected to Content Analysis, thematic modality. Results: the interviewees highlighted as nurses functions, the development of management activities; the leadership and supervision of nursing staff; and the care provided to seriously ill patients. From the perspective of nursing technicians, management activities receive great attention from nurses, rather than direct patient care. However, for nurses, managerial functions and leadership and supervision of staff converge for quality care. Conclusion: the importance of care work of nurses in emergency situations is perceived both by nursing technicians and by nurses. However, perceptions of their role as a manager still show up conflicting.




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Barreto, M. da S., Teston, E. F., Miranda, J. G., Arruda, G. de O., Marcon, S. S., & Valsecchi, E. A. de S. da S. (2015). Perception of the nursing staff about the nurse’s role in the emergency service. Rev Rene, 16(6), 833–841.



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