Assessment of depression in elderly with systemic hypertension

  • Patrícia Costa dos Santos da Silva
  • Lidiane Aparecida Monteiro
  • Alessandra Domingues da Silva Graciano
  • Fábio de Souza Terra
  • Eugenia Velludo Veiga
Keywords: Hypertension, Elderly, Depression, Geriatric Assessment, Nursing.


We aimed to evaluate the presence of depression, the ability to perform activities of daily living, and the cognitive function of elderly with hypertension registered in a unit of the family health strategy. A descriptive-quantitative research conducted in Minas Gerais, Brazil, from December 2011 to January 2012, with 172 elderly patients, using a characterization instrument; the Yesavage Geriatric Depression Scale; the Katz Activities of Daily Living Scale; and the Mini-Mental State Examination. We found depressive symptoms in 30.2% of the sample, 93% of the elderly were classified as independent, 2.2% presented partial dependence, and 4.8%, total dependence. By associating the variables “ability to perform activities of daily living” and “depression”, we found a statistically significant difference. Thus, we concluded that elderly patients with hypertension present depressive symptoms in a percentage higher than that found in the general population and that most have the ability to perform activities of daily living.
Research Article