Self-esteem of patients with coronary artery disease

  • Daniele Alcalá Pompeo
  • Letícia Palota Eid
  • Isabela Gonzales Carvalho
  • Eduarda dos Santos Bertolli
  • Natalia Serafim de Oliveira
Keywords: Coronary Disease, Self Concept, Adjustment Disorders.


Objective: to evaluate the self-esteem of individuals with coronary artery disease. Methods:this is a cross-sectional study, carried out with 77 participants. The instruments used were Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale and Rosenberg Self-esteem Scale. Results: most of the participants had moderate self-esteem, 48 (62.3%), followed by a low self-esteem, 29 (37.7%), being influenced by the variables gender (p=0.040), education level (p=0.009), anxious symptoms (p=0.010) and depressive (p=0.030). Conclusion: patients with coronary artery disease presented medium and low self-esteem scores. Higher levels of self-esteem were associated with females, higher education level and the presence of anxiety and depression symptoms.

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Pompeo, D. A., Eid, L. P., Carvalho, I. G., Bertolli, E. dos S., & Oliveira, N. S. de. (2018). Self-esteem of patients with coronary artery disease. Rev Rene, 18(6), 712-719.
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