Profile of nursing professionals assisted by a multidisciplinary mental health team

  • Gleide Santos de Araújo
  • Aline Santos Sampaio
  • Edna Moreira dos Santos
  • Suely Maia Galvão Barreto
  • Nilton José Vitório Almeida
  • Maria Luiza Dias dos Santos
Keywords: Nursing, Mental Health, Occupational Health.


The present study aims at investigating the profile of nursing professionals assisted by the multidisciplinary mental health team. This is a quantitative study with 385 records of workers who were attended the university medical service by a team of mental health from July 2009 to December 2010, the averages were calculated using the chi-square test and with level of significance of 5% (p<0.05). It was observed that nursing professionals had, in the average, lower age (47.5±9.7), more absences (5.15±3.29) and were more days away from work (191.8±168.5) compared to other categories, respectively (53.7±12.7), (2.18±2.8) and (138±163). The majority was diagnosed with affective and mood disorders (65%) and they were prescribed controlled medicine (96.8%), the differences were statistically significant in relation to other professionals. Although younger, the nursing staff stayed away longer, more frequently and had more mental health problems
Research Article