Review of profile and prenatal care for women with gestational diabetes mellitus


  • Francisca Adriele Vieira Neta
  • Vicente Lima Crisóstomo
  • Régia Christina Moura Barbosa Castro
  • Sarah Maria Fraxe Pessoa
  • Maria Marly Santos Aragão
  • Cinthia Gondim Pereira Calou



Diabetes, Gestational, Pregnancy, High-Risk, Obstetric Nursing.


The study aimed to identify the sociodemographic, clinical and obstetric profile, as well as prenatal care of women with gestational diabetes mellitus. This is a cross-sectional study with 50 women in a public maternity in Fortaleza in the period from November 2012 to September 2013. It was observed an average age of 31.34 years, early prenatal care in the first trimester (76.0%) abdominal birth in (63.6%) and non-drug treatment (78.0%). The associated pathologies were hypertension (18.0%), premature rupture of membranes (16.0%) and placental abruption (16%). In 18.0% the glycemia was not evaluated by the professional as well as checking blood pressure in 2.0%; (8.0%) had no assessment of auscultation of the fetus heartbeat and the uterine height was not evidenced (4.0%). These findings emphasize the need for interventions to ensure pregnant women with diabetes mellitus an adequate assistance, preventing complications to the mother and child.




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Vieira Neta, F. A., Crisóstomo, V. L., Castro, R. C. M. B., Pessoa, S. M. F., Aragão, M. M. S., & Calou, C. G. P. (2014). Review of profile and prenatal care for women with gestational diabetes mellitus. Rev Rene, 15(5).



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