Family health nursing assistants knowledge on tuberculosis


  • Karen Grecco de Freitas
  • Ellen Cristine Ramdohr Sobrinho
  • Thaís Helena Piai
  • Rosely Moralez de Figueiredo


Tuberculosis, Nursing Assistant, Family Health, Knowledge.


This research aimed at identifying the knowledge of nursing assistants on Family Health Strategies for tuberculosis treatment. It is a descriptive and prospective study with a quantitative approach performed with 29 professionals of 16 Family Health Teams in the Municipality of São Carlos-São Paulo. A questionnaire based on material from the São Paulo State Secretary of Health was applied. Weaknesses in the knowledge on treatment, vaccination and tuberculosis symptomatology were identified. We believe that such gaps may compromise early case detection, treatment advice and clarification of doubts on the condition. Therefore, it is necessary to implement ongoing education strategies on the subject for these professionals, once they have a key role in tuberculosis control and patient treatment adherence.





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Freitas, K. G. de, Sobrinho, E. C. R., Piai, T. H., & Figueiredo, R. M. de. (2013). Family health nursing assistants knowledge on tuberculosis. Rev Rene, 14(1). Retrieved from



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