Self-care assessment as an indicator for clinical supervision in nursing


  • Sílvia Marlene Monteiro Teixeira
  • António Luís Rodrigues Faria de Carvalho
  • Sandra Sílvia da Silva Monteiro Santos Cruz



Nursing, Self Care, Quality of Health Care, Preceptorship.


Objective: to evaluate the needs of clinical supervision for nurses to assess the degree of dependence on self-care and planning of nursing interventions. Methods:analytical study, cross-cutting nature, collecting data from a sample of 110 patients. Results: it was shown the differences in the identification of the degree of dependence between registers and experts, as well as the selection of operations for each self-care and failures to the original assessment of the filling level (no evaluation self-care/no identification of the degree of dependence). Conclusion: there were gaps in the nursing process; they have proposed strategies such as clinical supervision sessions, training, case studies, protocols and guidance documents, to be included in a clinical supervision in nursing model.




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Teixeira, S. M. M., Carvalho, A. L. R. F. de, & Cruz, S. S. da S. M. S. (2016). Self-care assessment as an indicator for clinical supervision in nursing. Rev Rene, 17(3), 356–362.



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