Risk of falls and associated factors in institutionalized elderly

  • Jacy Aurelia Vieira de Sousa
  • Anna Isadora Ferreira Stremel
  • Clóris Regina Blanski Grden
  • Pollyanna Kássia de Oliveira Borges
  • Péricles Martim Reche
  • Juliana Heloise de Oliveira da Silva
Keywords: Health of the Elderly, Accidental Falls, Homes for the Aged, Nursing.


Objective: to identify the factors associated with the risk of falls in institutionalized elderly. Methods:analytical study carried out in two long-stay institutions for the elderly, with 61 residents of both sexes. Data collection was performed by means of a socio-demographic and clinical form and Downton’s Fall Risk Index. Results: 31 (50.8%) old people at high risk of falling were identified. There was an association of risk for falls in institutionalized elderly with gender (p=0.007), age (p=0.004), time of institutionalization (p=0.028), adverse events (p=0.000), use (p=0.035) and number of drugs (p=0.038), use of auxiliary equipment (p=0.022), type of walking (p=0.044) and history of falls in the last 12 months (p=0.000).Conclusion: it is recognized as essential to identify factors associated with the occurrence of falls for the prioritization of specific interventions aimed at institutionalized elderly.
Research Article