Characterization of trauma in elderly assisted in a mobile emergency care service


  • Fabiana Maria Rodrigues Lopes de Oliveira
  • Maria das Graças Melo Fernandes
  • Keylla Talitha Fernandes Barbosa
  • Maria Auxiliadora Pereira
  • Kamyla Félix Oliveira dos Santos
  • Tainara Barbosa Nunes


Elderly, Wounds and Injuries, External Causes, Accidental Falls.


Trauma in the elderly is a common event, requiring trained professionals in this area. This study aimed at characterizing the occurrence of trauma in the elderly assisted at the Mobile Emergency Care Service, João Pessoa Region - Paraíba, Brazil. This is a documental, retrospective study, conducted from April to December 2012, through the review of 180 medical records from aged trauma victims. The data analysis was conducted by descriptive and exploratory statistics, using Pearson’s chi-square test. Concerning the results, falls represented 74.4% of the traumas, 84.4% of the assistances occurred in the capital and 40.6% of the elderly were sent to the reference hospital for traumas. As consequences of traumas, the most commons items were: pain (32.1%) and suspected fracture (20.6%). One concludes that it is important to plan interventions for trauma prevention with the elderly.






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Oliveira, F. M. R. L. de, Fernandes, M. das G. M., Barbosa, K. T. F., Pereira, M. A., Santos, K. F. O. dos, & Nunes, T. B. (2013). Characterization of trauma in elderly assisted in a mobile emergency care service. Rev Rene, 14(5). Retrieved from



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