Human milk bank under the perspective of the donating woman


  • Valdecyr Herdy Alves
  • Diego Pereira Rodrigues
  • Maria Bertilla Lutterbach Riker Branco
  • Rosangela de Matos Pereira de Souza
  • Renata Rangel Birindiba de Souza
  • Flávia do Valle Andrade Medeiros


Breast Feeding, Nursing Care, Social Values, Nursing.


This study aims at signifying the values related to the act of milk donation which emerges in the symbolic imaginary traumas of nursing mother’s values and understanding the meaning of the imaginary value structures which are revealed in the action of the donating women. This is a descriptive study with eleven nursing mothers of a bank of human milk of a university hospital through the systematized observation and individual interview. The concerning of the nursing mothers with a transforming action, willing to donate their milk, believing that this is a way for the transformation of the world. The values engendered in the action of donation of human milk emerge from the symbolic domains of acting of the health professionals, characterizing the imaginary myth of the nursing mothers. The donations require practices which reinforce the social imaginary during the care to health offered by the Milk Bank.





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Alves, V. H., Rodrigues, D. P., Branco, M. B. L. R., Souza, R. de M. P. de, Souza, R. R. B. de, & Medeiros, F. do V. A. (2013). Human milk bank under the perspective of the donating woman. Rev Rene, 14(6). Retrieved from



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