The matrix supporter’s work in the family health strategy


  • Anne Jaquelyne Roque Barrêto
  • Amanda de Araújo Romera
  • Annelissa Andrade Virgínio de Oliveira
  • Lenilde Duarte de Sá
  • Sandra Aparecida de Almeida
  • Jordana de Almeida Nogueira


Nursing, management in health, basic attention to health, health family


The objective of this study was to recognize the working process of the matrix supporters who work in the Family Health Strategy. It is a qualitative research, developed in a Sanitary District, located in one of the towns of the metropolitan region of João Pessoa – PB. It was observed that the matrix supporters is considered an articulator and facilitator of the process of work of the team who is opposite to the management. He develops activities which are managerial from the assessment of the process of work of each sector of the service and encourages the development of spaces of co-management. Another activity related to the assistential dimension which is guided by the proposal of the expanded health clinics. We so conclude that, the work of the matrix supporters configures a strategy of management that corroborates with the strength of the building up of an integral and humanized care according to what advocates the SUS (Brazilian Government Health System).



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Barrêto, A. J. R., Romera, A. de A., Oliveira, A. A. V. de, Sá, L. D. de, Almeida, S. A. de, & Nogueira, J. de A. (2012). The matrix supporter’s work in the family health strategy. Rev Rene, 13(1). Retrieved from



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