School violence lived by teachers, officers and employees of educational institutions


  • Karolina de Moura Manso da Rocha
  • Glaucea Maciel de Farias
  • Allyne Karlla Cunha Gurgel
  • Isabel Karolyne Fernandes Costa
  • Mirna Cristina da Silva Freitas
  • Amanda Alves Miranda de Souza


Nursing, Violence, School Health


This research aims to characterize the professionals who work in the context of public and private schools, as well as to identify the perpetrators and the types of violent events experienced by these professionals. A descriptive, exploratory and comparative study with quantitative approach, conducted in two schools in the city of Natal-RN, Brazil. The sample consisted of 121 professionals, 62 from the public institution and 59 from the private. The project was submitted to the Research Ethics Committee of UFRN and approved under protocol No. 149/10. It was found that there were 68 (56.20%) women, 68 (56.20%) women teachers, 51 (42.15%) employees and 02 (1.65%) directors, 37 (30.58%) have been bullied, 36 (97.30%) were attacked by students. We concluded that most professionals were women, teachers, and have suffered violence at the school. Thus, it becomes essential to develop strategies to assist these employees to prevent and combat bullying at school.



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Rocha, K. de M. M. da, Farias, G. M. de, Gurgel, A. K. C., Costa, I. K. F., Freitas, M. C. da S., & Souza, A. A. M. de. (2012). School violence lived by teachers, officers and employees of educational institutions. Rev Rene, 13(5). Retrieved from



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