Hospitalization costs for Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions: time Series 2008-2015

Keywords: Primary Health Care; Basic Health Services; Health Care Quality, Access, and Evaluation; Hospital Information Systems; Ecological Studies.


Objective: to evaluate the costs of hospitalizations for ambulatory care sensitive conditions in the 2008-2015 time series. Methods: ecological study with records of the Hospital Information System. The sample was composed of records of admissions for diagnoses of the Brazilian List hospitalizations for ambulatory care sensitive conditions. Polynomial regressions were used to analyze the temporal trend of rates. Results: there was a decrease in the rates per 10,000 inhabitants (67.38 to 51.99) (r2=0.9783; p<0.001). The most costly causes were asthma, heart failure, cystitis, and pneumonia. There was a decreasing trend in hospitalizations (β=-2.15; p<0.001) and expenditures (β=-2243.24; p=0.169). Conclusion: the diagnosis asthma caused greater expenses, while inflammatory disease of the cervix reached caused lower expenses. In the time series, there was a trend towards reduction of expenses evidenced by the difference between the highest cost in 2009 and the lowest in 2015.


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