The experience of nurses in intensive care: phenomenological study


  • Kalina Siqueira de Moura
  • Loraine Machado de Araújo
  • Lorena Machado de Araújo
  • Cecília Nogueira Valença
  • Raimunda Medeiros Germano


Nursing, Intensive Care Units, Perception.


This study aimed at understanding the perceptions of nurses about their experience in the process of caring for patients admitted to the Intensive Care Unit. It was a descriptive/exploratory, qualitative, phenomenological approach proposed by Heidegger. The subjects who took part in the research and answered the semi-structured interview were 7 intensivist nurses of a university hos­pital in Natal/RN. The research showed that that the experience of the nurse presents aspects related to different things: from the physical environment of the intensive care unit, the customers’ suffering, to the link with the client and family, as well as the daily difficulties in the workplace. It was so conclude that nursing care provides the formation of a bond of friendship and solidarity between the professional, the patient and their families. To develop this care, nurses need emotional support that eases the stress caused by the tiring routine, of the Intensive Care Unit.



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Moura, K. S. de, Araújo, L. M. de, Araújo, L. M. de, Valença, C. N., & Germano, R. M. (2011). The experience of nurses in intensive care: phenomenological study. Rev Rene, 12(2). Retrieved from



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