Progression of peripherally inserted central catheter in hemiclavicular region of newborns




Catheterization, Central Venous; Catheterization, Peripheral; Infant, Newborn; Infusions, Intravenous; Neonatal Nursing.


Objective: to evaluate the progression of the peripherally inserted central catheter in the right hemiclavicular region, through the right basilic and cephalic vein, in newborns. Methods: quasi-experimental research, carried out in a neonatal unit. Sample of 64 catheter insertions in 58 newborns. The intervention consisted of shoulder elevation, protraction and lowering maneuver, applied after the catheter had not progressed, in the hemiclavicular region by direct puncture in the cubital region, in the right basilic or cephalic vein. Results: of the 64 insertions, 28(43.7%) progressed without maneuver; in more than half, a maneuver was applied, obtaining 28(77.8%) progressions, with 15(41.7%) progressing after elevation, 12(57.1%) after protraction, 1(11.1%) lowering the shoulder, of those that progressed, 21(75%) were in central position. There was statistical significance (p<0.05) between progression with maneuver and cephalic vein, progression without maneuver and basilic vein. Conclusion: the intervention facilitated the progression of the catheter, mainly through the cephalic vein.


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