Pattern of alcohol consumption among motorcycle taxi drivers




Motorcycles; Accidents, Traffic; Substance-Related Disorders; Alcoholism; Occupational Health.


Objective: to identify the factors associated with the pattern of alcohol consumption among motorcycle taxi drivers. Methods: cross-sectional study, carried out with 68 motorcycle taxi professionals. A socio-demographic questionnaire, work-related aspects, traffic accidents and the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification were used, for the pattern of alcohol use. The Chi-square and Fisher’s exact association tests were used for data analysis and logistic regression. Results: it was found that 48.5% consumed alcoholic beverages, 75.0% had low risk consumption, 16.2% risk, 7.4% harmful use and 1.5% possible dependence. The variables that obtained significance were naturalness, use of alcoholic beverages and quantity of drinks drunk in the day. Conclusion: there was a trend between naturalness and risky consumption. In addition, using alcoholic beverages monthly and the amount of doses greater than five doses, on the same day, increased 20 times and 10.0% more the chance of triggering problematic alcohol consumption.


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