Promotion of children’s body weight control: serial album validation




Body Weight; Obesity; Child; Educational Technology; Validation Studies.


Objective: to semantically validate the serial album De Olho no Peso (Keeping an eye on weight), to promote children’s body weight control. Methods: methodological study, of semantic analysis of educational technology, by 42 children aged seven to 10 years, through the individual application of a questionnaire. The minimum semantic concordance index of 0.80 was considered. Results: all items of the questionnaire (organization, content, attractiveness and persuasion) were validated. The children found the illustrations on the flipchart easy to understand except for two. Responses about having liked each illustration ranged from 47.6 to 100.0%. The average concordance index of the illustrations was 0.86. After analyzing the responses, changes were made to the flipchart. Conclusion: the serial album De Olho no Peso presented a semantic concordance index equal to 0.89, demonstrating to be a validated technology to mediate educational actions on prevention and control of infant body weight.


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Saraiva, N. C. G. ., Cavalcante, L. M. ., & Araujo, T. L. de . (2020). Promotion of children’s body weight control: serial album validation. Rev Rene, 21, e43642.



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