Survey on eye trauma cases at an emergency hospital


  • Maria Alzete de Lima
  • Lorita marlena Freitag Pagliuca
  • Paulo César de Almeida
  • Luciene Miranda de Andrade
  • Joselany Áfio Caetano


Eye Injuries, Eye Health, Emergency Nursing, Hospitals, Packaged


This study aimed to get to know the incidence and to identify the trauma types and circumstances related to the event among patients attended at an ophthalmological emergency service in Ceará, Brazil. This descriptive and quantitative, study involved 845 trauma victims. Gender, age, origin, cause and trauma type were identifi ed. Data were collected through interviews and occurrence register. The male gender 663(78.5%) was most susceptible to eye traumas, caused by foreign body, 321(40.89%) and traffi c accidents 147(18.73%). In the female gender, domestic accidents prevailed 49(40.2%). Most victims belonged to the age range from 20 to 29 years old, 196(25.0%), and coming from the capital 530(67.5%). Piercing wounds were the main trauma type. Before the magnitude of the problem, measures are important to promote health aiming to prevent eye trauma.





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Lima, M. A. de, Pagliuca, L. marlena F., Almeida, P. C. de, Andrade, L. M. de, & Caetano, J. Áfio. (2010). Survey on eye trauma cases at an emergency hospital. Rev Rene, 11(1). Retrieved from



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