Actions of health education in control of overweight and obesity in the Workplace


  • Érica Rodrigues D'alencar
  • Marta Maria Rodrigues Lima
  • Paulo Marconi Linhares Mendonça
  • Ires Lopes Custódio
  • Barbara Pereira D'alencar
  • Francisca Elisângela Teixeira Lima


health education, overweight, obesity, occupational health


A multidisciplinary team of occupational health, enters the area of the worker’s health, through health education, aiming to prevent diseases such as chronic degenerative diseases. The objective of this research was to assess the rate of overweight and obesity among employees of a company that distributes electric power, in Fortaleza-Ceará. It was a descriptive, quantitative study, with the population of 1290 and the sample of 119 workers who met the inclusion criteria. Data collection was performed by interview, physical examination with measurement of blood pressure as well as anthropometric measurements. Predominant results were: they accepted to participate in the project line (91.5%), male (82.1%) and sedentary (42.1%). Weight reduction after the monitoring program: lost one to three kilos (24.3%) over fi ve to seven kilos (21.8%) and over seven kilos (21.1%). So, the monitoring of the employees in the program led to the reduction of weight in the majority of the participants of the study.





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D’alencar, Érica R., Lima, M. M. R., Mendonça, P. M. L., Custódio, I. L., D’alencar, B. P., & Lima, F. E. T. (2010). Actions of health education in control of overweight and obesity in the Workplace. Rev Rene, 11(1). Retrieved from



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