Managing difficulties for hospitalar accreditation in cardiovascular hospital


  • Rika Miyahara Kobayashi
  • Andréa Braz Vendramini e Silva
  • Andréa Cotait Ayoub


Accreditation, Quality management, Health services administration, Nursing


Hospitalar accreditation combines security with professional ethics, responsibility and quality of care, improving the management of the service and the quality of patient care. This descriptive, exploratory, documental study, developed in a public institution of Cardiology, aimed to identify difficulties of quality certification for Level I, by the nurses’ point of view and provide management measures. The data collection was performed, using documents of hospitalar accreditation. The difficulties were structural, operational, organizational processes and human resource management to highlight continuing education program, training and institutional effectiveness assessment; systemic interaction of components; technical support for activities and services for the organization; planning, acquisition, storage, traceability and material resources supplement and lack of availability, applicability and systematic current documentation evidences. By this diagnosis, several strategic actions were proposed describing goals and chronogram in order to solve the problem. The nurse’s involvement was developed, along with leaders and managers.




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Kobayashi, R. M., Silva, A. B. V. e, & Ayoub, A. C. (2010). Managing difficulties for hospitalar accreditation in cardiovascular hospital. Rev Rene, 11(4). Retrieved from



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