Perceptions of life quality of people with HIV/aids


  • Betina Horner Schlindwein Meirelles
  • Denise Maria Guerreiro Vieira da Silva
  • Fernanda Meneghello Arzuaga Vieira
  • Sabrina da Silva de Souza
  • Izabela Zeni Coelho
  • Rafaela Batista


Life Quality, HIV, Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, Nursing.


This is a qualitative exploratory-descriptive work that aims to identify the elements that influence the perception of quality of life (QOL) of people living with HIV/AIDS”. Semi-structured interviews with 14 people was carried out. The analysis resulted in four categories Quality of life; subjectivity and multidimensionality; Living with HIV/AIDS and the quality of life as well as Care for the living quality and Health services as enhancers of QOLThere are several factors that interfere in the QOL of those people such as: physical aspects caused by the disease, the continuation of the treatment and the usage of antiretroviral medications. As social aspects, it was identified the presence of prejudice and discrimination. The acceptance of the treatment by antiretroviral medications considerably improves QOL. The identification of the factors that interfere in QOL will be able to contribute to more humanized service provided to people who live with HIV/Aids, leading to the care beyond the clinical aspects, instrumentalizing those people towards a better life quality.




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Meirelles, B. H. S., Silva, D. M. G. V. da, Vieira, F. M. A., Souza, S. da S. de, Coelho, I. Z., & Batista, R. (2010). Perceptions of life quality of people with HIV/aids. Rev Rene, 11(3). Retrieved from



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