User’s evaluation about quality of the service in emergency care unit


  • Maycon Rogério Seleghim
  • Jéssica Adrielle Teixeira
  • Laura Misue Matsuda
  • Kelly Cristina Inoue


Quality Assurance, Health Care, Health Services Evaluation, Hospital Care.


This study aimed at evaluating under the users view, the quality structure and quality process of some services in an Emergency Care Unit of a university hospital. Fifty-fi ve clients/users took part in the survey when they were admitted in the unit and were waiting for an examination. Data were collected from December 2007 to March 2008, using a questionnaire and treated in the structure and process categories, increased of the Positivity Index (PI) for each sub item and average Positivity Index for each item/service. The items to which was given higher PI were the conditions of cleaning, feeding and safety regarding medical care and nursing; the lower PI was attributed to the physical space, number of workers and communication/interaction between customers and professionals. It was concluded, in the overall aspects that, the quality of services obtained a ‘Satisfactory’ level, however, to reach the “Excellent” quality (highest quality aspects of the structure and workers’ performance), must be improved.





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Seleghim, M. R., Teixeira, J. A., Matsuda, L. M., & Inoue, K. C. (2010). User’s evaluation about quality of the service in emergency care unit. Rev Rene, 11(3). Retrieved from



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