Directions on breast feeding in prenatal care: an integrative review


  • Marcela de Oliveira Demitto
  • Thaíse Castanho da Silva
  • Ana Rita Zambon Páschoa
  • Thais Aidar de Freitas Mathias
  • Luciana Olga Bercin


Breast Feeding, Prenatal Care, Health Education.


The guidance supplied to women during prenatal care is basic for a healthy pregnancy, as well as for the maintenance of breast feeding. An integrative review of articles published between 2000 and 2009 was carried out, through the integration of the descriptors: prenatal care and breast feeding, in the following databases: LILACS, SCIELO, BDENF and PUBMED. From 23 articles analyzed, 14 of them used as methodological course the clinical trial; 5 were published in Brazil; 3 briefly referred to the nursing professional, and 15 were published after 2006. The articles suggested strategies to guide pregnant women, in order to increase the indexes of maternal breast feeding and they pointed out failure in prenatal assistance as cause of difficulties in breastfeeding. It is concluded that, the directions on breast feeding during prenatal period is, without a doubt, very important, and that new actions should be incorporated and improved by the professionals of health on behalf of breastfeeding.




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Demitto, M. de O., Silva, T. C. da, Páschoa, A. R. Z., Mathias, T. A. de F., & Bercin, L. O. (2010). Directions on breast feeding in prenatal care: an integrative review. Rev Rene, 11. Retrieved from



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