Evaluation of the practical of labor gymnastics for the employees of a public hospital


  • Kamilla de Mendonça Gondim
  • Maira Di Ciero Miranda
  • José Maria Ximenes Guimarães
  • Bárbara Pereira D’alencar


Exercise therapy, Occupational health, Workers.


The labor gymnastics is a physical activity practiced in the workplace that it may be done by the employees in volunteer and collective form during the work hours. The objective of the study was to know the influence of the labor gymnastics and the quality of life in the workplace of the employees of health in a public hospital of Fortaleza. It was a study of the transversal type with quantitative boarding, carried out in December 2008. The data had been collected through a questionnaire ap­plied to 22 employees who attended the labor gymnastics program. The conclusion was that the labor gymnastics program measured up the majority of the participants who had perceived positive changes in their daily labor. We could also see that in several work places there are many ergonomic risks for such employees in their specific roles. That’s the reason for the importance of the studies that make possible the development of this modality of exercise.





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Gondim, K. de M., Miranda, M. D. C., Guimarães, J. M. X., & D’alencar, B. P. (2009). Evaluation of the practical of labor gymnastics for the employees of a public hospital. Rev Rene, 10(2). Retrieved from http://www.periodicos.ufc.br/rene/article/view/4779



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