The perception of the family health team concerning their support to breastfeeding


  • Monika Wernet
  • Márcia Regina Cangiani Fabbro
  • Karina Rumi de Moura
  • Daniela Aparecida Salgado Targino
  • Viviane Pompeu
  • Aline Oliveira Silveira



Breast Feeding, Family Health, Patient Care Team.


This study aimed at characterizing how two teams of 22 subjects of the Family Health of a city in São Paulo, Brazil, observe its process to protect, promote and support exclusive breastfeeding. The theoretical framework was the Symbolic Interactionism and the methodological one and the Thematic Content Analysis. The focus group was a resource for data collection which occurred between February and May 2011. The results were categorized into: “Obligation to promote exclusive breastfeeding”, “Autonomy of the mother” and “Personal experience and professional practice”. We conclude that the teams follow the guidelines for promotion and support of breastfeeding, they identify that the autonomy of the mother is determinant for the practice, integrating and respecting how each woman breastfeeds. They believe they are effective in promoting and supporting breastfeeding and conceive the relevant international protocols, but need to be incorporated with flexibility in the everyday life.




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Wernet, M., Fabbro, M. R. C., Moura, K. R. de, Targino, D. A. S., Pompeu, V., & Silveira, A. O. (2014). The perception of the family health team concerning their support to breastfeeding. Rev Rene, 15(4).



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