Health conditions of elderly in Primary Health Care


  • Cenir Gonçalves Tier
  • Silvana Sidney Costa Santos
  • Marcia Adriana Poll
  • Roberta Medeiros Hilgert



Primary Health Care, Health of the Elderly, Nursing.


This study aimed to identify the health conditions and environmental factors that influence the activities of daily living of elderly people. Cross-sectional epidemiological research conducted with 167 elderly in a municipality of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, from May to July 2013, using a structured instrument. Data were grouped for statistical/descriptive treatment. Circulatory diseases were the most frequent. The commonly used drug was aspirin, and falls were prevalent in 65 elderly. There was a significant difference in eating in age group older than 80 years (p=0,002). Dressing had significance in the age group above 80 years old (p=0.010), but was not significant when associated architecture with age. It was concluded that knowledge of the socio-demographic and health characteristics of the elderly enables the implementation of specific actions by health professionals, besides helping managers to formulate health indicators.




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Tier, C. G., Santos, S. S. C., Poll, M. A., & Hilgert, R. M. (2014). Health conditions of elderly in Primary Health Care. Rev Rene, 15(4).



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