Nursing care for chronic renal patients on hemodialysis


  • Cecília Maria Farias de Queiroz Frazão
  • Millena Freire Delgado
  • Marília Gabriela Azevedo Araújo
  • Fernanda Beatriz Batista Lima Silva
  • Jéssica Dantas de Sá
  • Ana Luisa Brandão de Carvalho Lira



Nursing Care, Renal Dialysis, Renal Insufficiency, Chronic


This study aimed to synthesize the knowledge produced in articles about nursing care for chronic renal patients on hemodialysis. This is an integrative literature review conducted on the databases SCOPUS, CINAHL, PUBMED, LILACS and COCHRANE. The sample consisted of ten articles. Nursing care was categorized and grouped in areas according to NANDA International. The publications occurred between the years 2009 and 2012, prevailing descriptive studies with level VI of evidence. Given the findings, it was identified that nursing care to chronic renal patients is focused on infection prevention, promotion of self-care, guidance to the family and the patient, diet control and the promotion of a comfortable environment. Thus, knowing nursing care provides nurses with subsidies for the development of a specific care plan, targeted on the needs of each individual.




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Frazão, C. M. F. de Q., Delgado, M. F., Araújo, M. G. A., Silva, F. B. B. L., Sá, J. D. de, & Lira, A. L. B. de C. (2014). Nursing care for chronic renal patients on hemodialysis. Rev Rene, 15(4).



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