Systemize experience of practical in domiciliary visit in the context of


  • Maria Fátima Maciel Araújo
  • Maria Josefina da Silva
  • Bruna Michelle Belém Leite


Community healt nursing, Professional-Family Relations, Problem-Based Learning, Education.


This is a Report of a systematized practical experience concerning the job of the DV as a nursing care instrument in the learning process of the Nursing Course of the Federal University of the Ceará. Some conceptual landmarks were considered: family, housing and domiciliary visit as well as the domiciliary visit modalities constructed from the teaching practice and based on literature. It was elaborated A diagram of domiciliary visit constructed by the authors and adopted in the practice of DV. The proposal evidenced the importance of conceptual landmarks for the systematization of the care in the scope of the domicile and the necessity of more pragmatic aspects of the care without neglecting the scientific severity which is inherent to this modality of practice. For the nursing it was revealed efficient as a systemized passage of care planning in the domiciliary environment considering the professional, legal and ethical aspects, in the domiciliary visit.




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Araújo, M. F. M., Silva, M. J. da, & Leite, B. M. B. (2008). Systemize experience of practical in domiciliary visit in the context of. Rev Rene, 9(1). Retrieved from



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