Nurses’ skills and abilities as group coordinators


  • Carla Natalina da Silva Fernandes
  • Denize Bouttelet Munari
  • Sônia Maria Soares
  • Marcelo Medeiros


Group structure, Nursing education, Health manpower.


Coordinating groups is an activity which is more and more frequent for nurses, who must have specific knowledge to reach the proposed aims and take advantage of the potential of the involved people. This is a theoretical research that aims to argue and to reflect about some desirable attributes for nurses as group coordinators, based on Group Dynamics classic literature by Godoy, as well as on contemporary papers published in national and international specialized journals. The article is organized in two moments: in the first one it presents some theoretical basis of the coordination of groups and in the second, the desirable attributes to the coordinator. These elements are presented as tools for nurses in the group conduction with the purpose of achieving care assistance activities, human resources formation or research development. The coordination praxis involves a set of technical and scientific abilities, large knowledge of the interpersonal relationship, self-knowledge, sensitivity and creativity so that the nurses’ performance, in fact, promotes the attendance concerning health.



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Fernandes, C. N. da S., Munari, D. B., Soares, S. M., & Medeiros, M. (2008). Nurses’ skills and abilities as group coordinators. Rev Rene, 9(1). Retrieved from



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