The logoterapy and its relations with nursing care in mental health


  • Michell Ângelo Marques Araújo
  • Karla de Abreu Peixoto Moreira
  • Lia Carneiro Silveira
  • Violante Augusta Batista Braga


Psychotherapy, Psychiatric nursing, Nursing care, Mental health.


The psychiatric nursing has been characterized since its uprising as a perpetuating agent of the manicomial model. With the arrival of Psychiatric Reform the nurse along with other professionals of mental health, question and search for new paradigms related with the principles of this reform. Some questions come out: In what are nurses based to assist their patients? And which strategies must they use? This study has as objective to refl ect on the use of Logo therapy as therapeutic resource of nurse in mental health. The work was developed in four thematic axis: the fi rst one is the presentation of logo therapy and its basic principles; the second one the existential analysis and its way to see the man and his processes; the third one the logo therapeutics techniques and fourth one the logo therapy and nursing practice in mental health. It is noticed that the nurse can use the logo therapy as resource in mental health; its techniques are shown to be appropriate to increase the nurse-patient relationship.





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Araújo, M. Ângelo M., Moreira, K. de A. P., Silveira, L. C., & Braga, V. A. B. (2008). The logoterapy and its relations with nursing care in mental health. Rev Rene, 9(4). Retrieved from



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