Sexuality in the view of the pregnant adolescent: myths and taboos


  • Hilda Karinni Peixoto Costa
  • Antonia Do Carmo Soares Campos
  • Karla Maria Carneiro Rolim


Nursing, Pregnancy in adolescence, Taboo.


This is an exploratory-descriptive study developed with 10 pregnant adolescent women between 16 and 19 years of age, in prenatal service at the Núcleo de Assistência Médica Integrada (NAMI) in Fortaleza-CE, in the period of August and September, 2004. We aimed at identifying the difficulties faced by the adolescents concerning the sexual practice in this period. We also aimed at establishing a co-relationship between the socioeconomic level, the difficulties they face and the nurse’s performance towards the orientations concerning the sexual practice during the pregnant adolescent’s prenatal consultation. We realized that the sexual practice is accomplished during pregnancy, but the emotional and anatomical difficulties make this practice less pleasurable, what hinders the couple’s relationship. As far as the orientations during the consultation is concerned, we noticed that they are insufficient and that this issue is still a reason for shame between the pregnant woman and the professional who assists her, what raises doubts and fear in the pregnant woman’s minds.



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Costa, H. K. P., Campos, A. D. C. S., & Rolim, K. M. C. (2006). Sexuality in the view of the pregnant adolescent: myths and taboos. Rev Rene, 7(3). Retrieved from



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