Health promotion and std: focusing on the care of pregnancy


  • Maria Isis Freire de Aguiar
  • Lígia Barros Costa
  • Ana Maria de Sousa Ribeiro
  • Maria Grasiela Teixeira Barroso


Health Education, STD, Pregnancy.


The aims of this study were to investigate the faiths and values of STD among pregnant women attended at a STD/AIDS clinic and to reduce its complications. Based on the ethnographic approach and on Ludke’s and Andre’s mythological guidelines, data were collected through the report of 30 women and organized as follows: personal attention to STD; women’s knowledge about STD; STD prevention. The outcomes showed that there still is a strong need to promote awareness among women in order to improve their response concerning their behaviour related to STD prevention.





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Aguiar, M. I. F. de, Costa, L. B., Ribeiro, A. M. de S., & Barroso, M. G. T. (2004). Health promotion and std: focusing on the care of pregnancy. Rev Rene, 5(2). Retrieved from



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