A group of pregnant women’s practice towards the humanization of childbirth


  • Maria Adelane Alves Monteiro
  • Terezinha de Jesus Lima Tavares


Group of Pregnant Women, Humanization of the Childbirth, Prenatal.


Childbirth today still is experienced by many women in a passive and terrifying way. The idea of humanizing it has been quickly spreading, involving the professionals of the area. This study aims at analyzing a group of pregnant women’s practice during pre-natal appointments. Exploratory and descriptive research with a qualitative approach, carried out with 10 women who participated in the Preparation Course for Childbirth, from October to November 2003, in a philanthropic institution in the city of Sobral-CE. Information obtained through interviews showed that fear is a very present feeling among the participants, which negatively affects the preparation for childbirth. Nevertheless, in the face of the exchange of experiences, support and explanation about the process of gestation and childbirth, fear can be overcome. It was possible to conclude that the pregnant woman’s preparation for childbirth is necessary and that practice with groups of pregnant women can contribute to the experience of a more humanized childbirth.





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Monteiro, M. A. A., & Tavares, T. de J. L. (2004). A group of pregnant women’s practice towards the humanization of childbirth. Rev Rene, 5(2). Retrieved from http://www.periodicos.ufc.br/rene/article/view/5619



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