Sexual practices of women who have sex with women and condom use




Sexually Transmitted Diseases; Sex Education; Homosexuality, Female; Sexual and Gender Minorities; Health Vulnerability.


Objective: to analyze the sexual practice of women who have sex with women and its association with condom use. Methods: correlational study involving 231 women who have sex with women, recruited through electronic application (Instagram and WhatsApp). A questionnaire was applied through Google Forms, containing sociodemographic data, sexual history, and the types of sexual practices. Results: most women performed oral sex (86.4%) and manual sex (86.9%) without using condoms. A large proportion (84.8%) reported the use of fomites in sexual practices without condoms. The inexistence of a fixed partnership (p=0.000) and the performance of sex with vaginal contact (p=0.013) were associated with sexual intercourse without condoms. Conclusion: the sexual practice of women who have sex with women points to greater vulnerability to sexually transmitted infections, by practicing oral and vaginal sex with manual practices without the use of barrier methods.


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