Editorial Review and Acceptance

Rev Rene publishes manuscripts in Portuguese, English, and Spanish by researchers from the field of Nursing and related disciplines, provided that they contribute to the practice and discipline of Nursing.

Manuscripts submitted and forwarded according to the publication rules will be sent for pre-analysis by the Editor-in-Chief, who will decide on their approval or rejection. The Editor-in-Chief will assess the relevance, suitability for the journal's scope, and the manuscript's originality.

If the manuscript is approved in the pre-analysis and is in accordance with the guidelines, it will be sent to the Associate Editor for the assignment of reviewers. Rev Rene follows the double anonymous review format. For each manuscript, Rev Rene requests analysis and issuance of an opinion by at least two ad hoc reviewers, who are researchers with established competence in the manuscript's area of ​​knowledge.

After the reviewers send their feedback, the Associate Editor will inform the recommendation to the Editor-in-Chief, who will decide on the manuscript's approval, correction, or rejection, based on the evaluations carried out by the reviewers and the Associate Editor. Rev Rene will notify authors and reviewers of whether to accept or reject the manuscript.

Monitoring of the evaluation process

The authors can monitor the editorial flow of the manuscript through the system http://periodicos.ufc.br/rene. Decisions about the manuscript will be communicated by e-mail and made available in the system.