Publishing costs

Processing fee

Manuscripts with all authors from institutions outside Brazil are exempt from evaluation and publication fees.

Submission Fee

There will be no submission fee.

Assessment Fee: 200.00 (BRL)

The evaluation fee must be paid after approval of the manuscript in the pre-analysis stage. The editorial staff will e-mail the authors requesting proof of payment via the OJS system, in PDF format, with the current payment date. Note that the fee will not be refunded if the manuscript is rejected.

Publication Fee: 800.00 (BRL)

Fees must be paid via bank transfers/deposits to Associação Cearense de Estudos e Pesquisas/Rev Rene

Bank data:

ACEP/Rev Rene

Account number: 114684-X

Agency: 1369-2

Bank of Brazil

CNPJ: 01921606/0001-22 ACEP/Rev Rene

Revision and translation costs

Approved manuscripts submitted in English or Spanish must undergo a professional language review. The review and translation costs are the responsibility of the authors. For manuscripts submitted in English and Spanish, a translation into Portuguese of the final approved version will be requested.

Portuguese language review

Authors must provide a grammar review, after approval of the manuscript for publication, according to the journal's guidelines. A company accredited by the journal must carry out the review. Authors must send the reviewer's statement along with the revised manuscript. This step is mandatory, and authors must have their manuscripts reviewed before sending the revised version to the journal.


According to the journal's guidelines, translations are requested from authors after final approval of the manuscript into a language other than the language of the publication. A company accredited by Rev Rene must carry out translations. The authors must send the translation company's statement along with the translated manuscript. This step is mandatory, and authors must have their manuscripts translated and edited before sending the translated version to the journal.