Pain in preterm newborns submitted to music and 25% glucose intervention


  • Gleicia Martins de Melo Universidade Federal do Ceará
  • Maria Vera Lúcia Moreira Leitão Cardoso Universidade Federal do Ceará



Infant, Newborn; Pain; Music; Glucose; Intensive Care, Neonatal; Neonatal Nursing.


Objective: o compare the pain response of preterm newborns submitted to arterial puncture who received musical intervention with those who received 25% glucose intervention.Methods: randomized, double-blind clinical trial; the sample consisted of 48 videos of preterm infants of the experimental group (music, n = 26), who listened to music for 10 minutes, and the control group (25% glucose, n = 22), who received 25% glucose two minutes before puncture. The pain was evaluated by the Neonatal Facial Coding System at moments: Baseline, Treatment, Painful, Recovery 1 and Recovery 2. Results: there were similarities between groups at the moments Baseline, Recovery 1 and 2. A statistically significant difference was observed at the moment Treatment (p = 0.014), Painful (p = 0.029) for the control group. Conclusion: 25% glucose differed from music when comparing the pain response in the Treatment and Painful moments. Brazilian Registry of Clinical Trials: UTN: U1111-1123-4821.




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Melo, G. M. de, & Cardoso, M. V. L. M. L. (2017). Pain in preterm newborns submitted to music and 25% glucose intervention. Rev Rene, 18(1), 3–10.



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