Content validation of the self-care assessment scale for heart failure patients

  • Sherida Karanini Paz de Oliveira Universidade Estadual do Ceará
  • Francisca Elisângela Teixeira de Lima Universidade Federal do Ceará
Keywords: Self Care, Heart Failure, Nursing, Psychometrics, Validation Studies, Health Promotion.


Objective: to build and validate the content of the Self-Care Assessment Scale for Heart Failure Patients. Methods: methodological study based on psychometry. A search was carried out in five databases resulting in 63 articles that guided the preparation of a preliminary instrument. Content was validated by eight judges who assessed the adequacy of each item according to the criteria: clarity, precision and relevance. Results: there was an agreement among judges of 0.896 (p=0.001), and the validity of the content of the scale was confirmed. The instrument consisted of 20 items distributed into six dimensions: Nutrition (4 items), Activity and rest (3 items), Perception and cognition (3 items), Health promotion (6 items), Stress tolerance (2 items) and Roles and Relationships (2 items). Conclusion: the instrument obtained a satisfactory content validity index which shows that the scale is representative of the construct content.

Author Biographies

Sherida Karanini Paz de Oliveira, Universidade Estadual do Ceará
Doutora em Enfermagem. Professora Adjunto do Curso de Graduação em Enfermagem da Universidade Estadual do Ceará.
Francisca Elisângela Teixeira de Lima, Universidade Federal do Ceará
Doutora em Enfermagem. Professora Adjunto do Departamento de Enfermagem da Universidade Federal do Ceará.
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