Construction and validation of a systematization instrument for nursing in intensive care


  • Daniela Silva de Araújo
  • Andreza Freire de França
  • João Kelvin da Silva Mendonça
  • Ana Rita de Cássia Bettencourt
  • Thatiana Lameira Maciel Amaral
  • Patricia Rezende do Prado



Nursing Care, Intensive Care Unit, Validation Studies


Objective: construction and validation of a systematization instrument for Nursing Care, characterizing the profile of patients of an intensive care unit in the north of Brazil. Methods: it was a descriptive methodological study that followed a nursing process model in five phases. Results: it was suggested that the instrument be constructed in two formats; one for admission and another for daily assessment. Some items were removed from the instrument according to content validation content by the nurses. Of the 45 patients evaluated, 60.0% were men, 44.0% were married, 40.0% had low education levels, chronic renal failure and cancer. The main nursing diagnoses were risk for infection (100.0%) and impaired physical mobility (97.8%). The main nursing interventions were: handwashing, changing intravenous access, performing aseptic techniques and moving patients every 2 hours. Conclusion: construction and content validation were carried out successfully, promoting instruments capable of providing quality nursing care for patients in intensive care.




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Araújo, D. S. de, França, A. F. de, Mendonça, J. K. da S., Bettencourt, A. R. de C., Amaral, T. L. M., & Prado, P. R. do. (2015). Construction and validation of a systematization instrument for nursing in intensive care. Rev Rene, 16(4), 461–469.



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